Relation of Tardiness to Performance of Students

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Manila Science High School is exceptionally known for students whomlive up to the school’s motto, “Sustaining the Tradition of Excellence.”Excellence should not only be reflected in academics but in following the rules and regulations as well. Tardiness is defined as the quality or habit of not adhering to a correct or usual or expected time. According to, Chrissy Scivicque, a career coach and corporate trainer, people who are late are perceived as selfish, disrespectful, unreliable and disorganized. Being tardy in a way shows that you do not respect the administration because you are not following the school rules.
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What year are you? a. Grade 7 b. Second Year c. Third Year d. Fourth Year 2. Do you know someone that is a frequent latecomer? a. Yes b. No 3. Did he miss some tests or lessons when he was late? a.) Yes b.) No 4. Did he find it difficult to catch up with those missed tests and lessons? a.) Yes b.) No 5. What could be the reason for his tardiness? a. Class schedule/ He doesn’t like his first subject b. Heavy workload c. Long distance is between his house and MaSci d. Heavy traffic is experienced e. Difficulty in getting a ride ( jeep, bus or train) f. Difficulty in sleeping and waking up early 6. What can be suggested to the administration to avoid being late? a. Make the class dismissal earlier to avoid traffic b. Condominium/ apartment subsidy c. Lessen the workload d. Let the students have medical check up to determine if they have health problems e. Set up a school service so that students can go home early and safely f. Orient the first subject teachers to make the discussion lively and engaging so that students will be encouraged to interact g. Punish the students 7. Do you think that being late can affect the performance of the students? Why or why not? _________________________________________________________________

Results and Discussion

1. 42.4% of the respondents
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