Relational Database Management System (Dbms)

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Running head: TERM PROJECT Term Project and Proposal Name: University: Course: Date of submission: Abstract Business corporations often require summarized pieces of data in the form of pivot tables for efficient and strategic decision-making. However, the use of pivot tables poses certain data storage problems especially in the light of the need to have the formulas stored with data. This paper presents one data storage situation where using pivot tables for summarizing data was unsuitable because the storage was done using a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, stored in XLS format. The project purposes to implement the data storage using a database management system, in this case, Microsoft Access to address the problem…show more content…
This paper implements the solution using Microsoft Access 2007. In this case, the table would have each Employee with the values such as Al and Clara, the Date with values like 1/05/2011, and the Status with values o, wh, and wa. This would result in several records per day but each record would represent only one Employee. With this form of normalization, it is possible and plain to create the desired pivot table. In fact, pivot tables generated from this normalized data would be able to answer questions like “which employee worked away on a certain day of the month?” Unfortunately, though, this data is stored in a way that the user would not be able to see or even use it at times. There are many benefits of using a database over spreadsheets for storing this kind of data. The following is a list of some of these benefits to the sales business and users: * Database management systems provide for restricted access to * Databases help reduce or avoid data storage redundancy * Persistent storage of data structures and useful program objects like queries and reports * Databases help enforce referential and standards * Databases help in representing sophisticated relationship among vast amounts of data * DBMS provide for database backup and recovery Data elements to be involved: entities and attributes This database system will center on capturing employee details with respect to whether
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