Relational Database Management System ( Rdbms )

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In Nowadays, there are two major of database management systems which are use to deal with data, the first one called Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which is the traditional relational databases, it deals with structured data and have been popular since decades since 1970, while the second one called Not only Structure Query Language databases (NoSQL), they are dealing with semi-structured and unstructured data; the NoSQL types are gaining their popularity with the development of the internet and the social media since April 2009. NoSQL are intending to override the cons of RDBMs, such as fixed schemas, JOIN operations and handling the scalability problems. In this paper we will review one of the graph database (Neo4j), which the graph database is part of the emerging technology that is called NoSQL and compared it with one of the traditional relational database (MySQL). MySQL, it is being another name for Relational Databases and it has been used for a long period time until now. However, with the emergence of Big Data there was clearly a need for more flexible databases. Facebook 's Graph Search using Neo4j, a graph database, is an application which clearly displays how relationships need to be modeled in a more efficient and sophisticated manner than using conventional relational models. In this paper, we will make a compare between MySQL and Neo4j based on the features like ACID, replication, availability and the language that is used in both of…
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