Relational Database Of An Ecommerce Website

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Kehinde Akinola Department of Computer Science The University of Texas at El Paso El Paso, Texas, U.S.A. Z Specifications derived from the Constraints in a Relational Database of an ecommerce website?

Abstract— The project is simply derivation of Z specifications form the constraints in a relational database of an ecommerce website.
An ecommerce website is developed from scratch using modern technology WordPress and Bootstrap. I developed the website as well as relational database where the products to be displayed on the website are stored.
I used my computer system as both the client and the server for the proper functioning of the website. I installed Wampserver on my computer system and placed WordPress on the wampserver for the proper functioning of the website.
The website is an ecommerce website and has few webpages developed and database where the contents to be displayed are stored.
These are the databases whose contents will be fetched and displayed on the screen when accessed by the user or client.
The constraints in the relational database of the website, is transformed as constraints to the of z specification language.

Keywords— formal method, relational database, ecommerce website.
There are several millions of websites available today. It has become so common that there is hardly a daily work without accessing the internet. There are also several ecommerce websites available. The most common ones are

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