Relational Database System ( Rdbms ) Essay

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A relational database is a group of data which classified into a set of tables that can be accessed in several ways without having to reconstruct the tables’ oftenly.Relational Database was proposed by Edgar Codd around the time 1969 since then it has become very prevalent for commercial applications. In the 20th century there were countless Relational Database System (RDBMS) ,take for instance: IBM.DB2 and Oracle. Glossary The following are the main terms and concepts related to the named model: 1. Attributes –they describe the facts, details or characteristics of an entity. The attributes that maybe contained in an invoice might be name, number and paid/unpaid. 2. Table –this is where data is stored for processing and output .The table is defined as a collection of correlating data consisting of rows and columns. For example, the CUSTOMER or PURCHASES table may entail the customer first name, last name, address and the product that the customer purchased or wishes to purchase. 3. Field-this is a column in a table that is constructed to save and maintain particular information about records that are stored in the table. They can include name, age and salary fields. 4. Record- commonly called a record, usually referred to as a ‘slot’ or space that resides in a table, it is most commonly recognized as a horizontal entity. For instance, the CUSTOMER’s table will consists of numerous related records. Cust_Fname Cust_Age Cust_Address Stacy 20 Clarkia Drive 5. Reports-this is
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