Relational Dialectics: A Research Report Essay

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Relational Dialectics: A Research Report This research of Relational Dialectics Theory refers to the book titled A Handbook of Personal Relationships, edited by Steve Duck. The title "A Dialectical Perspective on Communication Strategies in Relationship Development," written by Lesile Baxter, presents the basic strategies for an ideal relationship . The theories in which Baxter discusses describe the communication actions that a coulpe must use to establish, maintain, and dissolve their personal relationships. Contradiction is the central concept of relational dialectics. It refers to the dynamic interplay between unified oppostions. By managing three basic cotradictions; which are Autonomy-Connection, Novelty-Prediction, and…show more content…
It is the "essence" of relationships. No relationship can exist by defintion unless the parties sacrifice some individual autonomy. On the other hand, too much connection can destroy a relationship. When two people are so tighly connected, their individual identity becomes lost. They are seen as one, instead of two seperate people. To balance the pair, each person in the relationship needs to define what their standard of separateness and connectedness is. Each must agree on how much "together time" and "separate time" is needed in order to establish and maintain a posive relationship. Novelty-Prediction Some individuals like the idea of predictability in the relationship. They do not encourage change. Rather, they want to know what and when something is going to happen. As for others, they want a bit of mystery, some spontaneity in the relationship. In order for a relationship to work, Baxter states that each relationship requires a balance of novelty and prediction. When a couple begins to date, everything is new. With time, each person begins to predict their partner's actions. This creates a sense of comfort with each other and the relationship. Although, when patterns become to predictable, it leads to the ultimate emotional deadening of a relationship. This is when novelty should take place. An occasional surprise or variety in everyday actions will put life back into the relationship. Without it, the relationship

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