Relational Harassment In Nurses: A Case Study

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Interpersonal hostility, bullying, and a toxic work environment can impact patient care delivery as well as nurses’ personal health and job satisfaction. In this case study we will look at relational aggression and the consequences among nurses. A Relational Aggression Assessment Survey (RAAS), measuring aggressors, victims and bystanders, was used to measure RA in a sample of 842 nurses. Additional variables measured included a demographic profile, job satisfaction and intent to leave.
A high-rate of mistreatment of nurses continue to occur. One study found that up to 25% of New York State nurses were often or frequently the victim of horizontal violence. Another study found that 38% of nurses witnessed horizontal hostility or bullying behaviors weekly or daily while other research reported low levels of workplace mistreatment.
Work mistreatment is linked to numerous adverse effects including nurse retention, job satisfaction, burn out, and emotional exhaustion, further study of the emotional work environment. This occurs in poor work environments. Poor work environments add a lot of harm to an organization. It is
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A recent study found that new graduate nurses experience bullying only every now and then. However, a study on workplace incivility found that nurses reported very little workplace incivility from their supervisors or their colleagues. Which can mean it is possible that most nurses do not experience workplace mistreatment, but that it is a frequent experience for a small minority. Another possibility is that most nurses do experience workplace mistreatment, but only infrequently. Findings from Lewis and Malecha (2011) support this second perspective: their study showed that 85% of nurses reported experiencing workplace incivility in the last 12
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