Relational Leadership And Hospitality Industry : Retaining And Enhancing Relationship Between Leader And Follower

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This literature review is aimed to link relevant literature to the researched topic: „Relational leadership in events and hospitality industry: retaining and enhancing relationship between leader and follower. “ A major purpose of the researched topic is to assess followers’ approach of maintaining and reinforcing the relationship with the leader.
The main topics that were researched in the review are leadership, relational leadership which includes transactional and transformational leadership, leader-member exchange and emotional intelligence.
The literature review will also examine the relational leadership in events and hospitality industry; however the literature for it is very limited.
The main reason for undertaking the research of relational leadership in events and hospitality managements is that there are gaps in the literature for the topic and finding anything similar is very insufficient.
Leadership is very broad topic which is being discussed for many years now and over 30 years ago Stogdill (1974) claimed that the issue for understanding leadership is getting worse over the years because there are nearly as many definitions of the leadership as there are people trying to characterize it. Rost (1993:6) agrees with the statement by explaining: “neither scholars nor the practitioners have been able to define leadership with precision, accuracy, and conciseness so that people are able to label it correctly when they see it happening or when they engage in it.”
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