Relational Leadership Class Analysis

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This class addressed vital issues impacting the business world from the position of a leader. It explored the standards of relational leadership and how to create group and individual leadership skills to influence lives groups and organizations. Content of the course- included effective communications, setting goals, decision making service leadership and many more leadership styles, and effective ways to implement change. I covered some basic concepts that are important to personal skills development and some leadership behaviors.
To me, a leader is somebody who exhibits exceptional devotion to his or her team, and is willing to do whatever it takes to unite the team. A leader injects a feeling of positivity and guides others to achieve predetermined goals. This leadership is the process in which a person influence a group (adherents) to accomplish a shared objective. The objective is achieved by mutual affirmation and a cohesive behavior. One of the end goals of leadership is to get results through others, and the method for achieving this include the ability to develop goal oriented, cohesive groups. Since knowledge is power naturally, for the individuals who trust power is the quintessence of leadership will presume that the individuals who have more knowledge and insight will make great leaders. This is not generally correct. I think …show more content…

In leadership, leaders get his power from his group members. He proceeds in this position at the pleasure of members in his group collectively. The position of leadership exists in most settings regardless of group size. For instance, a leader of national or universal standing has vast influence over an expansive number of individuals while the influence of small group in a company is extremely constrained. Both are leaders in their own right and satisfy our definition of

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