Relational Reframe ( 1 Session ) Essay

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1. Relational Reframe (1 session)
-Shifting the family’s view of treatment from focusing on the adolescent as “the problem” to enhancement of family relationships as an important part of the solution.
-Task 1 begins with the therapist orienting the family to session and treatment goals
-e.g., “I’d like to spend some time today getting to know each of you, who you are, what you like to do, and then I’d like to find out more about what has brought you to treatment, your understanding about [adolescent’s] depression, and what I think will be helpful. By the end of today’s session, I’m hoping that we can form an agreement and some goals for treatment”
-The therapist starts with some basic joining with the family
-e.g., what does each family member enjoy doing, discussion of particular interests, and strengths, along with basic information gathering about family context (e.g., who lives in the home, what kind of neighborhood they live in, involvement of extended family in their lives, etc.).
-Therapist makes a shift to assessment of the adolescent’s depression
-e.g., “So, now I’d like to find out a little more about what has brought you in for treatment. [To adolescent], I know you’ve been struggling with some difficult thoughts and feelings recently. Tell me more about that”)
-Therapist makes a marked shift away from assessment of depression and into an assessment of attachment.
-Often beginning with questions about family contributions to the teen’s depression
-The pivotal
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