Relations Between China And Russia

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Since 1980s, international relations has had complicated and profound changes, among which the political complexion between countries is significantly faded. In particular, with the speeding of economic globalization and regional economic integration, the important role of economic force is gradually highlighted in the world’s political and economic relations. In recent years, China and Russia, as two of the most important emerging economies, have maintained relatively even economic growth under the whole international economic conditions, resulting in the increasingly important roles in the international society. In addition, China and Russia have maintained good bilateral relationship for more than 20 years, which has become one of the…show more content…
Lu (2011) detailedly analyzed the status quo and development tendency of China-Russia economic relation, and pointed out the crucial factors and disadvantageous factors influencing the development of the bilateral relationship between China and Russia. Wang (2011) argued that the level of the bilateral relationship between China and Russia had a relatively great gap from the strengths of these two countries, and analyzed the new tendency and reconstruction issues of China-Russia economic relation, and finally pointed out that the participation of Russia in WTO would be conductive to solve economic disagreements and differences between China and Russia in the international environment. Besides, Lu (2012) focused on the regional economic cooperation between China and Russia, and concluded that the two countries should attach significance to the cooperation in energy projects, science and technology, strategic projects and infrastructure construction. At the same time, Lu (2012) indicated it was important for the two countries to enhance regional cooperation. Zhao (2010) made a systematical analysis on the establishment of China-Russia free trade zone and the necessity and feasibility of establishing the free trade zone, and suggested the government establishing this trade zone in accordance with regions, stages and fields. Moreover, Song & Wang (2008) thought fusion degree of economics was a concept used to study the economic
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