Relations Between Iran And Iran

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Iran is a very complicated country that is heading towards many domestic and foreign changes. Some foreign changes that can be predicted in Iran’s future will include a foreign relations change with the United States and Israel. The relationship with the United States will improve with the negotiations of a nuclear deal. With an improving relations between the United States and Iran, Israel thinks it will lose its qualitative edge on Iran. Therefore, the Israel and Iran relation will worsening. Coming back inside the country, a domestic change will be a more democratic government. However, in order for Iran to push for a more democratic future, it will have to go through lots of political unrest and civil protests. Iran will have to see some dark days filled with protests. Iran is on the path for a more democratic government, improving U.S. relations, and declining Israel relations.
The first change to occur in Iran will be a foreign relations change with the United States. Currently, the relationship between the two countries is filled with distrust and hate. Iran uses the term “The Great Satan,” to describe the U.S, showing the hatred they have for America. The relationship between Iran and the United States is so bad because of U.S. interference. In 1953, The CIA helped to empower a Shah that would become corrupt and politically controlling (Hussain 30). The U.S. did this because they saw Iran starting to move towards a communist government and wanted to stop the
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