Relations Between Iran And The Middle East

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Oil. This one word can explain the relationship between the western world—especially the United States—and the Middle East. It can be used to trace the reasoning behind many interactions between these two spheres of the world. It is also the basis of one of the most controversial foreign policy operations of the United States, Operation Ajax. Although Operation Ajax happened sixty years ago, its consequences had immediate and lasting effects on both Iran and American-Iranian relations. I will argue that the coup led to the 1979 Islamic revolution and consequently put into motion the strained relations between Iran and the United States; it also had significant effects on both the United States’ and Iran’s political history. I will cement my argument by giving a detailed account of Operation Ajax and the players involved in it as well as giving descriptive examples of why it happened as well as how it continues to have a lasting effect. “The United States has no credibility as a bearer of democracy to Iran because of its role in crushing democracy there half a century ago” (Kinzer xvii). This was said by Akbar Ganji an Iranian dissident who precisely struck a significant point of American-Iranian relations. That one sentence explains exactly what happened during Operation Ajax—Iran’s first democracy was destroyed in an attempt to protect self-interested parties of the western world. Operation Ajax was a coup organized and carried out by the United States Central Intelligence
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