Relations Between Saudi Arabia And Trade Relations With China

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This report elaborates the steps and procedures for setting up a business in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while maintaining the trade relations with China. Saudi Arabia 's exchange with China could surpass $60 billion by 2015, given that the target of $40 billion by 2010 was reached in 2008. Amid 2003-2008, the China-Saudi Arabia exchange enrolled yearly development rates of 30% to 50%. In 2008, respective exchange surged by 64.7% to $41.8 billion, well in front of the objective set in 2006. Exchange between the two nations added up to $12.71 billion in 2009, hit generally by the global economic crisis. (Economywatch ,n.d)
On this note, this report analyzes the international business situation including the economic, political and legal system of Saudi Arabia Along with the cultural analysis. The report later discusses the latest FDI situations and analyses the climate for FDI. The report also describes why Saudi Arabia is chosen as the country to do business.
The proposed business and the steps involved in starting up the new business are also later discussed in this report. The mode of operation including organizational chart and the products portfolio describes the characteristics of the proposed business. Few of the Chinese suppliers with which the proposed business will be dealing with are also mentioned in the report. The report later goes through the strategies used while establishing a new business mainly focusing on the pricing strategy.
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