Relations Between Saudi Arabia And Trade Relations With China

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This report elaborates the steps and procedures for setting up a business in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while maintaining the trade relations with China. Saudi Arabia 's exchange with China could surpass $60 billion by 2015, given that the target of $40 billion by 2010 was reached in 2008. Amid 2003-2008, the China-Saudi Arabia exchange enrolled yearly development rates of 30% to 50%. In 2008, respective exchange surged by 64.7% to $41.8 billion, well in front of the objective set in 2006. Exchange between the two nations added up to $12.71 billion in 2009, hit generally by the global economic crisis. (Economywatch ,n.d)
On this note, this report analyzes the international business situation including the economic,
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Promotional activities, projected income statement and balance sheet for the first year is also shown at the end of the report. Planned growth of the proposed business, including the financial resources is described at the end of the report.

The purpose of the report is to make an International business plan. The type of business discussed through out the report is a medium scale business. The products include mainly electrical Equipments. The country selected for doing this business is Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. One of the main reason to choose Saudi Arabia to start up this business because of the overall ease of doing business including the tax systems and geographic location which will be later discussed in this report. The city chosen is Dammam, which is the industrial city of Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. The main idea behind choosing this division of products is due its increased consumption in the industry. Industrial sector in Saudi Arabia has been tremendously increasing with growing number of industries. Dammam being a hub of industrial and residential region attracts lots of customers. This business will be done through partnership with a Saudi National and in contracts with the Saudi government. Though the Saudi National holds
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