Relations Between Spain and Indigenous People

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Relations between the Spanish and the Indigenous peoples

Spanish colonization started in 1492 when Cristoforo Colombo, Christopher Columbus, arrived in the West Indies .1 Even though Columbus was on route to find a easier, quicker route to India, he stumbled upon an unknown land full of exotic new people, plants, and animals. Columbus was the first Spanish American to come to America, but many more Spanish explorers would follow after him; including Cortes, Aguirre, and Pizarro. The Spanish seemed to be fascinated with what riches the new land would provide them. Their lust for the new goods made them ambitious, selfish, and untrustworthy. They couldn't even trust each other, never mind culturally different people. From the beginning
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11Aguirre is consumed with fame and riches. It is shown when the expedition team first came upon some native people. . The first thing they do is rip the gold-like necklace from them and ask where the material came from.. He was so worked up about finding fame and fortune, that he did not care about the fact that his men were starving or sickly. Aguirre's loss of reason started from the beginning when he realized the expedition was out in uncharted territory and he started thinking about Cortes's so-called conquest of Mexico. He related his expedition with Cortes's and thought he could get fame by conquering the native people and taking over the land. . One slave even says, "all of us will gain something, and perhaps I will even be free."12 Aguirre kills his own men by negligence and continues on alone for the city of El Dorado where he will find his fame. Even though greed and wealth helps explain why the relations deteriorated between the Spanish and the Natives the other factor that helped contribute to the deterioration was the religious one. From the beginning of the Spanish colonization one of their primary goals was to convert the savages to Catholicism. During the time of Columbus's first voyage the Spanish crown just concluded the Spanish Inquisition. This had a huge impact on the Spanish explorers as they came from a land were Christianity was the main religion and no others were tolerated. On Columbus's first voyage to the islands he states
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