Relations Between The United States And China

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Since 1899, America has maintained an open door policy with China. Throughout the years, relations between the United States and China have changed with several effects on both countries caused by the open door policy. Following the Sino-Japanese war from 1894 through 1895, the Chinese government was severely weakened. This meant that China was unable to protect itself from European countries and Japan staking claim throughout the country because although fragile post war, China was a heavily populated nation and offered a desirable market that the rest of the world wanted. During the late 1800’s many countries were in a rush to expand their colonies and claim territories all over the world. The Korean peninsula was controlled by Japan. The British, Dutch, Belgians, and French had a heavy presence in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The United States acquired possessions in Latin America and the Asian Pacific. There was a worldwide race to gain control of China. After taking possession of the Philippines, America, under President McKinley, became increasingly concerned that the heavy presence of other nations and the subsequent dividing up of China would severely affect American interests by restricting or preventing access to the Chinese market. Many European countries such as Germany, France, and Great Britain, as well as Russia, Japan and the United States wanted to gain control of the Chinese market and dominate the trade and goods of that country. The result of
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