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During high school, I was the only one of my friends who did not go on dates. I have to admit that it was extremely embarrassing showing up to homecoming alone with a pair of balloons in my hand, but it was totally worth it in the long run. Despite being single at the time, my friends came to me for relationship advice. Since my friends all scored steady boyfriends with my advice, I bet you are eager to find out what I told them. No guy will be able to resist you if you follow these pieces of advice.
First off, play extremely hard to get with your crush when he asks you out. You should constantly brag about yourself and tell your date he's lucky he was able to get in contact with you. Flirt with the attractive waiter asking what you want to drink to make your date jealous. Also, be brutally honest with him when you don't leave him hanging. You want him to known that if this dinner does not go as planned that you will be going to the
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If most girls wear fancy dresses, wear sweatpants and a hoodie. If most girls wear jeans and a blouse, wear a fancy dress and high heels. Spend either hours on your makeup or put little effort into your routine. Do not tell your date what you plan on wearing. Although he may already have an idea, it is your job to leave him wondering.
If you follow these guidelines, you are sure to find true love after the first date. This advice has worked for many girls, and they always share it with their closest friends. You will be seeing this advice all over the place because it is the easiest and most successful way to win a guy over. The writer of this advice, who has recently been revealed under the name of Mal Mal, has become a practical therapist to other college girls looking for love. Despite her own words turning against her, she still chooses to share her advice. If she can help other girls in college find love, she
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