Relationship Analysis

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April 24, 2013 Relationship Analysis Project

Relationships are the things that make human beings, which brings sense to life if these relationships make you feel happy or takes the desire to live away if these relationships are like a stone at your neck. From relationships, the whole fate of the person is determined. If he or she has pleasant relationships at work, in his or her family, in private life, such a person is considered to be happy. If relationships are not the things that bring some joy into life, the person stops being satisfied and pleased with life. Today I will be analyzing my sister’s relationship. When she first met her boyfriend, she was very shy and was scared of him because he was popular and she was just a quiet
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Being in a relationship you should be able to understand and make adjustments to certain situations like time spent together and budgeting for bills. I gave this tip to my sister’s relationship, because she should love him the way she want to be love. If you want someone to care about your dreams and concerns of life you have to do the same. My sister started to think about her boyfriend and he thought about her, when he went shopping he pick up somethings for her as well. After using my third tip, my sister and her boyfriend, focuses more on each other, they help each other out in ways I didn’t think they would be able too, for example, shopping, investing into their futures together by saving more money, being aware of decisions they make in life and taking in consideration on how would that make the other partner feel within the relationship. The fourth tip would be one we learn in class, “never attack an Achilles’ heel”. For example if your partner has confessed to you that his cruel high-school classmates nicknamed him “the hairy ape,” and if, in adulthood, he still has fears about being furrier than most, you can--when you are furious--call him every name in the book, but you can’t call him that one. This one relates more to arguments; it’s also known as hitting below the belt. We all have flaws and things that happen or we did through the years but it’s not fair to reopen a wound if that wound has healed. In my sister’s relationship, they both
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