Relationship Analysis Paper

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[Your Name] [Professor’s Name] [Course Name and Number] [Date of Submission] Relationship Analysis Paper Introduction A number of well-thought out socio-culture proverbs, which highlight the cultural values of mankind by spotting on the fact that the quality of life lies within the quality of relationships we have, actually refer to the depths of social associations that the masses possess and extract out the true essence of human life in relation to the social surroundings humans are engrossed with. This reveals that a true relationship is when one loves for the sake of loving and not for achieving some desired outcomes. Love is all about selflessness and relationships are all about nurturing true feelings of esteem and…show more content…
it supports objectivity over subjectivity (Casmir 245). I do believe that in relationships between two people, the aspect that oversees whether or not the field will show up synergy or destructive disorder is the acuity of power and control (Prince and Logan-Price 3). Whenever I and my son Jack receive transmissions from each other, we should first scan those the threats which deepen the gaps by all means as if we can manage to generate a field which is optimistic and healthy rather than pessimistic or negative; then we can listen to each other’s perceptions and can avoid ineffective listening which ultimately leads to conceptual clashes. The second theory, the social exchange theory, is an ilk of the cause and effect theory which focuses on the consequences of any behavioral conduct. If jack and I take care of our communicational conducts by making the most of this theory, we can get rid of many relational disagreements. Now the third theory of communicational relationships, social system theory, emphasizes to sustain the dignity of the social structure by avoiding various unlawful and psychotic conducts (Casmir 250). In accordance with these three theories, I firmly believe that “Truly creative individuals are those who succeed, against all pressures of instinct and
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