Relationship Between A Mother And Daughters Essay

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Almost every woman in North America has some form of a relationship with their daughter or mother, or both. However, these relationships can vary in amiability and affection. Whether due to similarities or differences in personality or circumstances in life, mothers and daughters can be close confidants or fierce foes. These familial relationships have been studied in part by Marianne Hirsch and Sharon M. Varallo in their essays on ‘the familial gaze’ and ‘the genre of family photographs,’ respectively. In this essay, I will be using the work previously done by Hirsch and Varallo to analyze two different mother-daughter relationships presented in the television show Gilmore Girls. The two relationships differ vastly in their outward appearance, however both relationships show underlying characteristics of both friendship and animosity. Overall, these two mother-daughter relationships demonstrate that the love between a mother and a daughter can be expressed in various ways.
Gilmore Girls follows the lives of three women in the Gilmore family. Rory, the youngest, is a teenager at the beginning of the show. She is an only child and was raised by her single mother, Lorelai, in the small town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Lorelai is in her thirties throughout the show. She became pregnant with Rory when she was sixteen, and left her wealthy parents’ home to raise Rory alone. Emily, the eldest Gilmore girl, is in her fifties and sixties during the show. She and her husband are…
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