Relationship Between A Parent And Child Relationship

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Throughout history human behavior has held a continuing fascination for artists of all kinds. The way in which human beings relate to one another has been a source of inspiration to painters, sculptors, authors, composers, playwrights, filmmakers and photographers alike. Relationships between people vary from the everyday dynamics and the significance in which they value one another and each connection between those relationships makes a different impact on the one of someone else. There are many relationships people form throughout their lives, for instance the primary relationships at the start of their lives, between parent and child, and siblings, which start in the home. A relationship between a parent and child has a special unspoken bond in which they share indescribable love, never ending care and affection for each other, as the parent is the only depended and reliable thing they have. A good parent and child relationship can teach a child how to form other bonds with mutual respect and admiration, such as friendships further on in life. As people grow and develop, they form secondary connections such as friendships and intimate relationships. Friendships are predominantly built on trust, even as young children. Interaction with peers helps to strengthen character and introduces a sense of belonging with others rather than family. Children are naturally trusting, which means they form bonds with one another instinctively. As they get older and gain knowledge,
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