Relationship Between Abiotic And Biotic Factors

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The relationship between abiotic and biotic factors play an important role in determining the biodiversity and richness of two different freshwater lotic habitats. Within the experiment, we observed the Cherry Creek stream that is more urban and closer to the city. Cherry Creek is also more channelized with many streets that are built around the stream. Unlike Cherry Creek, Bear Creek is closer to suburban areas of Denver and farther away from the city. It is a lot quieter and peaceful where there is more vegetation and wildlife. For the following stream lab experiment, my hypothesis states there would be more macroinvertebrates in deeper parts of the streams with a higher temperature. The independent variable of the experiment is the different depths of the streams while the dependent variable is the number of organisms and macroinvertebrates that are found. Therefore, I predict that if parts of the stream were deeper with higher temperatures, then there would be more organisms and macroinvertebrates which makes the stream more diverse and rich. It is very important to understand the water quality and biodiversity of different environments because it can lead to many impacts of the ecosystem. In example, there was a study completed in China where different types of macroinvertebrates were used to indicate pollution levels since China is known as the most polluted country in the world. Pollution has been the biggest problem especially when it can affect the water quality
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