Relationship Between Alcohol And Parenting Styles And Alcohol Abuse Among College Students

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Review of Literature

The study conducted by Changalwa, C, Ndurumo, M, Barasa, P, & Poipoi, 4 (2012) is on the relationship between parenting styles and alcohol abuse among college Students in Kenya. The purpose of this study was to see the relationship between alcohol abuse and parenting style. The study was based on Erik Erikson psychosocial theory (1950). The sample consisted of 32 respondents out of 1000 students who were sampled using purposive sampling was used a form of ramdom sampling. The questionnaire that was used was self- administered and also college records from the dean office were used to get information about students who were punished for their drinking behaviour. The data that was collected was analysed using chi square. The results of the study show a significant relationship between authoritative parenting styles and alcohol abuse. As the study showed that many individuals who were abusing alcohol had authoritative parenting. Thus the study suggests that parenting should not only involve warmth and support but also some level of monitoring to prevent alcohol abuse. The study shows that there is significant relation between authoritarian, permissive, uninvolved parenting and alcohol abuse. The study concludes that authoritative has the highest in influence as 56.25% of alcohol abusers had authoritative parents. The next most influential was permissive parenting as 25% of students who abused alcohol had permissive
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