Relationship Between Amir And Hassan

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This story is about Amir and Hassan whose relationship with each other were friends and also a master and servant relationship. Amir struggled to get recognition from his father as he was not sporty and was into books. He became interested in writing books and Baba did not support that idea. Only Rahim Khan and Hassan supported Amir.
Kite fighting tournament was popular amongst kids livin gin the same area as Amir and Hassan. The tournament was held every winter. Amir was good at kite fighting and Hassan was good at running after kites that had fallen. Hassan was Amir’s assistant in the kite fighting tournament. That year, Amir aimed for the first place in order to gain Baba’s recognition. After winning the tournament, Amir went to look for Hassan who was running for the fallen kite. He found Hassan being bullied at the back of the alley by Assef, Wali, Kamal. Despite being Hassan’s friend and master, he was afraid and ran away.
The relationship between Hassan and Amir took a turn for the worse as the sense of guilt felt by Amir for running away had caused Amir to not tak to …show more content…

Baba and Amir are in the back of a truck as they escape from Kabul, as it was being invaded by the Soviets and has became a war-zone. They escaped to Pakistan and eventually moved to Fremont, California. In order to support the family, Baba worked at a gas station. Meanwhile, Amir finishes high school and went to college. They sell things at San Jose flea markets every Sunday in order to make extra money. While selling things at the flea market, Baba saw General Taheri, who is an old friend. Amir notices General Taheri’s daughter, Soraya, and became interested in her. Not long after, Baba was diagnosed with lung cancer. Amir asks Baba if he would get General Taheri’s consent for Amir to marry Soraya. General Taheri gave his consent. They held the wedding on the following day due to Baba’s health. Baba died a month later. Amir and Soraya tried to have a baby but was

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