Relationship Between An Individual And The Person

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Intro Boundaries give each person a sense of legitimate control in a relationship. Professional boundaries are the limits to the relationship of a worker and a person in their care which allow for a safe, therapeutic connection between the worker and that person (and their nominated partners, family and friends).All formal working relationships need rapport and trust to function well. This is particularly relevant to the relationship between an individual and the person/s who are employed to provide them with home care – carers or support workers. It is certainly important that the carer makes sure client’s feel at ease with approaching and relating to them – but it is equally important that the lines don’t become blurred. This relationship between an individual and their carer, should never come at the expense of maintaining clear professional boundaries. Successful and ethical working relationships are based on a clear understanding of what the carers role is – and just as importantly – what their role isn’t. The work is personal – but carers have to maintain professional boundaries. These boundaries protect the worker from burn out – AND protect the client from having a staff member encroaching on their private affairs Professional Behaviour Staff should never exhibit behaviour that is unprofessional. Unprofessional behaviour includes the subjects already mentioned here but may also include: Being late for shifts Asking you if they can leave a shift early or start
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