Relationship Between An Organism And Its Environment

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Introduction Evolution requires that a relationship between an organism and its environment be established if life is to be sustained. Every species, every culture, every tribe becomes intimately related to its environment. The relationship between two different components with different responsibilities and methodologies develops a finish product that produces an intended output. The relationship in which Conforti refers to could be characterized as a system. A system is defined as a set of elements, connected together, which form a whole; this showing of properties are properties of the whole rather than of its component parts. There are many systems that shape our daily life, from the structure of our educational communities to the advancement of technology, systems are essential to life. During the mid to late seventies, music was transported through a technological breakthrough called a component system. A component system were compilations of several individual devices that could stand on its own, which were systems within itself, but when connected together to make a whole, it produced a system that change the world’s perception of music. Each system relies on its inner parts to perform an assigned task. If each part or organism fails to produce its desired task, the system breaks down, this leads to system failure. When there are failures within the system, the system no longer functions as a system but rather a set of components that lay dormant in the

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