Relationship Between Animals And Human Culture

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When was the last time you were down on your knees, worshipping a cat? What about burning a sacred goat as a gift for the gods? In our contemporary American culture, you may not see very much of this, but believe it or not, it was a vital part of some cultures in ancient societies. Throughout history, animals have appeared to be a significant component of culture, either economically, religiously, spiritually, mythically, and other ways. Animals are of high significance and importance to culture, and without their rich symbolic essence, perhaps various cultures would have died out. In this essay, I will explore the tightly bonded relationship between animals and human cultures through multiple perspectives and practices around the world: in the Native American culture, Hindu religion, ancient Egyptian society, and the worship of animals through sacrifice in ancient Greece. Native Americans are notoriously known for obtaining a culture that is widely sustained off of both revering and resourcefully using animals. Indigenous American tribes heavily relied upon animals for survival, and without that ingenuity, their culture would have likely failed to survive. “Animals had to be treated properly because they could represent spirits, as well as plants which could give evidence of the supernatural and the land which could reveal God.” Tim Murphy, Ph.D., wrote in his essay, Probing the Relationship between Native Americans and Ecology. Therefore, this closely bound relationship
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