Relationship Between Army Leadership And Management

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Over the years, the relationships between army leadership and a business management have been throughout to be compatible in the organization framework. Yet, it is not always that these two style of command control is not similar in some aspect, but an army leader with an organization district manager are two different leaders. In other words, leadership and management might have subordinates under them, but they will have different meaning. In this paper, my purpose is to do an assessment of leadership and management, as well as demonstrate the similarities and differences in the application it is used. To begin the similarly of leadership and management is important to know the definition of the two. There are many principles of leadership and management, but three of the most important principles are the trait method, the skills method, and the situation awareness method principles. This paper will compare these methods, from the basic, and to what is required to fully understand them and know the contrasting of each method. Looking at the three method, the two that could be comparable are the traits and skills method. However, they are different and some aspect that can be significant.

Leadership is the process of influencing individuals or a group of individuals by providing purpose, direction with the support of others, and motivating those individuals with the purpose of accomplishing a certain obligation which is helpful to all individual that is involved.…
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