Relationship Between Barbie Dolls And The Development Identity And Self Concept

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Primary data will be used to answer the research questions guiding this research. The population, sample and procedure will be covered in the following sections.
The population will be gathered from all adolescent girls ages 5-15 in Lubbock, TX. Given that children develop a self-concept at the age of 6, 120 African-American female children ages 6-8 will be invited to participate in the study from North, South, East and West Lubbock. This is the equivalence to a child’s first, second and third grade level. Prior to any participant recruitment or data collection, all procedures will be approved by the school district and written parental consent will be obtained for each participating girl. Verbal consent will be obtained from each girl prior to each session where they will be told they can leave at any time if they wish to do so.
Sampling Technique
Probability sampling was chosen to generalize the results of the study to the population and investigate the relationships between Barbie dolls and the development in racial identity and self-concept. A qualified sample was utilized to control who can participate in the study. The sampling method best suited to gather the participants is stratified sampling to get an adequate representation of the population. The characteristics of the segments included age, gender, ethnicity and zip code. In each year group, one-third of the girls will be placed in different experimental conditions: traditional Caucasian Barbie doll,…
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