Relationship Between Biological Sex And Gender Communication

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I believe to understand the relationship between biological sex and gender communication we must first understand what each of these are. Biological sex is a designation based on biology, whereas gender is socially and psychologically constructed according to Gendered lives chapter 1. Sex and Gender are paired so that most men are masculine and most women are feminine. A person is designated male or female based on external and internal sex organs. The physical forms such as ovaries, penis, clitoris and prostates make up sex in a person. Sexual development is also influenced by hormones. This occurs even when we are still in our mothers ' wombs. Biology also doesn 't determine the meaning the members of a culture assign to particular behaviors which ones are values, which ones devalues. But this mainly depends on how we treat these differences.

We also must understand gender. According to gendered live chapter 1 gender is a complete concept than sex. When I looked up the definition of gender in the dictionary it stated, the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones). The focus of the word states exactly what gender means. Our sex makes up our biology(putting aside those who have more than one part or hormones. By definition, gender is learned and this is typically learned through social views of what is masculine and what is feminine. As Julia wood stated from infancy on we are…
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