Relationship Between Burnout And Work Engagement

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Relationship between Burnout and Work Engagement
A significant negative relationship with Emotional Exhaustion was found for engagement (r= -0.35, p< 0.01) based on the above results. From the results, academics who reported a lesser degree of engagement in their work are the ones who are more emotionally exhausted. Here, burnout shows a moderate inverse relationship with engagement, in that the higher degree of burnout reported the lesser the engagement. This result supported the first hypothesis presented in the study, i.e. burnout is negatively correlated with work engagement.

Relationship between Burnout and Pressure to Publish
In Table 6 above, results show Pressure to Publish to have a significant and positive relationship with that of Emotional Exhaustion (r = 0.36, p< 0.01) indicating that academics who reported higher feelings of being under pressure to publish displayed higher levels of Emotional Exhaustion than those who reported lower feelings of being under pressure. Or in other words, as an academic’s perceived Pressure to Publish increased, so did their levels of Emotional Exhaustion. According to this result, academics levels of burnout is indeed affected by their perceived feelings of pressure to publish supporting the second hypothesis of the study.

Relationship between Burnout and Resilience
In regards to Emotional Exhaustion and Resilience, a significant negative relationship was found (r = -0.26, p< 0.01) between the two variables.…
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