Relationship Between Children And Charlie 's Sobriety Essay

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After listening to their personal stories about the past, Charlie and Jenita began to discuss their concerns about their relationship, the children and Charlie’s sobriety. Considering Jenita felt the sobriety was affecting their relationship as a couple and as a family, the opportunity was given to her first to explain why she felt that way. She explained since they got back together, Charlie was outgoing, animated, engaging and fun. Not only did he plan dates with her, but he made sure they did family outings with the kids as well. It was also important for him to spend one-on-one time with their eldest daughter also. However, once the doctor highly advised him to stop drinking that is when she noticed he started changing. While Jenita shared her thoughts and feelings, her body language shifted again. At this point, she was sitting at the edge of the couch and her right foot started to shake. She then continued to share that Charlie is a different person and it is starting to scare her. She feels Charlie is getting depressed and she does not know how to be in a relationship with someone who is feeling this way. Jenita also expressed that Charlie has slowly isolated himself from friends/extended family, and claims to be tired all the time. She continue to share that he has lost interest in the family outings and their romantic dates including having a sex life. At first she thought it was the effects of the alcohol, leaving his system, but since it’s been six months from

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