Relationship Between Cognitive Empathy And Primary And Secondary Psychopathy

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This study looks at the relationship between Cognitive Empathy in Primary and Secondary

Psychopathy, using the Levenson Psychopathy Scale and the Reading the Mind in the Eyes

Test to ascertain lack of understanding in emotional expressions in psychopaths. There were

452 undergraduate students who participated in this study and it was found that Primary

Psychopaths lack understanding in Cognitive Empathy, Secondary Psychopaths do not.

Assessing the Relationship between Cognitive Empathy in Primary and Secondary


The relationship between Cognitive Empathy that occurs in both Primary and

Secondary Psychopathy, is one that has been looked at a number of times during the years

(for example Levenson, Kiehl & Fitzpatrick, 1995; Ali & Chamorro-Premuzic, 2010; Richell,

Mitchell, Newman, Leonard, Baron-Cohen & Blair, 2003). Cognitive Empathy is being to

have the capacity to understand another’s mental experience though facial expressions and

the meanings behind them (Ali & Chamorro-Premuzic, 2010). Psychopathy is shown in

individuals through a lack of remorse, superficial charm, impulsivity, and poor behavioural

controls (Richell, et al. 2003). However from here each of the two subtypes of psychopathy

has different characteristics. Primary Psychopathy has been shown create a hostile though

calculating and selfish person, this differs from that of a secondary psychopath. Secondary

Psychopathy is shown to be associated by
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