Relationship Between Construction And Construction

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4. Enhance Working Relationships in Construction. (1) 2.2 explain how to instruct people about work activities in an appropriate level of detail and with an appropriate degree of urgency. The instruction given to workers on site depends on the phase of the project. According to the Construction Industry Council, the use of simplified methodology must be used to communicate and instruct during construction process. We must ensure workers have enough guidance as they undertake the instructions (Construction Industry Council, 2015).there must be a set aside department that will oversee how issues will be conveyed and implemented. Major Phase of construction project are singled out depending on the availability of workforce i.e. supplier,…show more content…
(3) 2.5. Explain how to acknowledge objections to proposals and suggest alternative proposals. In the construction sector and its professionalism, it is ethical to recognize objections and corrections as directed or suggested by peers and related experts. The proposal can either be accepted or rejected on the different basis. An objection to a proposal and proposition for alternative ones provides insight that would positively influence and shape the outcomes of the project if viewed in a positive way. Regarding the objections as a challenge and not resentment is a positive gesture; the competitors have the potential of developing their own ideas to a higher level using the cited weaknesses as their strengths. Acknowledgement of corrections is the cornerstone of success to any contractor and construction professionals. Contractors must also learn to humble themselves to minimize fumbling in fear of objections as that may be the lead to further doubt and demurrals. Accepting objections as part of learning is vital for composure and keeping the right attitude. The construction industry prosperity anchors on team playing as an individual cannot solely manage things thus consultation and the objections that accrue are based on creating more feasible proposals in future. (4) .2 Describe how to identify and contact sources of support and guidance for undertaking personal development. The
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