Relationship Between Corporate Governance And Risk Management Of High Technology Firms

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This paper identifies and talks about the relationship between corporate governance and risk management of high technology firms, with publicly listed Australian biotechnology organizations as for example. It displays a governance structure that better deals with the various complex risks such organizations face.


The current global financial crisis has seen the breakdown of various organizations universally, showing that no industry or ward is invulnerable from insufficient or wrong risk management. In the light of the current global financial crisis, we examine the requirement for suitable risk management, planning, and control and the requirement for organizations to reassess their governance structure to
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Risk Management Frameworks, for example, ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) and Business Continuity Planning, also called Disaster Recovery Planning or contingency planning, are center components of gathering risk management methods. ERM is the systems and procedures used by associations to oversee hazards and seize opportunities identified with the accomplish their goals. ERM supports the board and the organization to guarantee that administration earnestly work through a procedure of distinguishing and investigating risks, with a specific end goal to settle on educated choices.

Importantly a successful Risk Management scheme will help in guaranteeing less surprises, improving management and abuse of chances, enhancing and execution, upgrading data preparing and correspondence, enhancing responsibility, assurance and governance, improving reputation, and expanding insurance of directors. ERM ought to upgrade disclosure to organisation chiefs and officers, which in turn aids in better management of the business and enhanced transparency of management (Joint Technical Committee OB-007, Risk Management, 2005). ERM obliges an organized methodology to risk assessment, and collection of risk into a more elevated amount risk profile report, and additionally a prioritization of risks (Espersen 2002).

Bowling and Rieger (2005) examine how actualizing a full ERM Framework can take a few years. Numerous organisations start by
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