Relationship Between Culture And Culture

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Leadership and Culture The fact that organizations operate in a competitive environment raises questions about the drivers of performance. One of the responses to such concerns is that the cultures of organizations have a significant contribution to performance. Organizational leaders are instrumental in shaping the culture of an organization. In fact, there is an observation that leaders develop cultures, which act as the foundation for the cultivation of organization culture. In other words, there is a sturdy relationship between leadership and organizational culture. Leadership can influence the culture of an organization, just in the same way the culture of an organization can determine the kind of leadership style chosen by a firm. The…show more content…
Culture combines themes from various disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, and social psychology. While some experts associate culture with the ancient practices in different societies, the term now refers to developments within organizations. The world is changing, and so are organizations. Many organizations are striving to create and maintain an identity in a world where competition keeps mounting each day. The mounting pressure requires organizations to make certain decisions to achieve their objectives. The decision making exercise requires leaders who can identify particular targets and develop strategies to help organizations meet them. Leadership entails the facilitation of an organization towards the realization of some desired results (Schein, 2010). While pursuing objectives, leaders may either follow the routine practices of the organization or invent some new tactics so long as they conform to the set principles. This implies a strong relationship between leadership and culture. Leadership could be the source or culture or vice-versa. In most cases; however, leadership comes secondary to culture. For example, leaders work according to the existing
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