Relationship Between Customer Loyalty And Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Mix
The relationship between Customer Loyalty and Marketing Strategy?

In today’s business environment, the concept of customer loyalty is becoming a growing interest in the area of relationship marketing. Many marketers and researchers persist with loyalty strategies as they thought loyal customers create profitable rewards. However, a recent work done by Heiner Evanschitsky states the other side that this may not always be the case. The following assignment is investigating whether customer loyalty places a significant role in marketing strategy.

Literature review
 Marketing strategy:
A marketing strategy includes all basic, short-term, and long-term activities including evaluation and selection of market-oriented strategies that can help a business to focus and achieve their goals of the company and its marketing objectives in a sustainable manner.
 Relationship:
“one or more exchanges between a consumer and a retailer that are perceived by the consumer as being interrelated to past and potential future exchanges with the business.”
 Relationship marketing:
The concept of relationship marketing emerged within all marketing activities that are directed toward attracting, establishing, developing, and maintaining successful relational exchanges with customers.
 Customer Loyalty:
Customer loyalty consists of a consumer’s continuously preferences and expectations towards a business. By turning customer satisfaction into customer…
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