Relationship Between Customer Value And Marketing

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Marketing improves people’s living standard, according to a statistic state that the GDP of Australian has a growth rate from 2010 (2.25%) to 2014 (2.73%), and it is forecasting to increase in 2016 ("Australia - Gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate 2020 | Statistic", 2016). A growing trend of marketing creates more work opportunities for people. Based on that, more people operating marketing activities successfully for a business, and the total output of the business tend to increase significantly while the worker’s salaries increase. It rises the national income in a long- term ("Importance of Marketing for the Economic Development of a Country", 2013) This report aims to find out the relationship between customer value and marketing. In particular, it focuses on the necessity of marketing and the composition of customer value, research on the connection between these two concepts. In particular, it indicates four elements of a market, which are price, place, products, and promotion (4Ps). The other vital part of a market is customer value, it has been divided into instrumental value, hedonic value, expressive value and cost value. Customer value and marketing connect to each other through the supplier help people do better- buying decision and improve products through the customer value. The first concept of the essay is the importance of marketing to people’s life. Marketing has been defined as a place that provides goods and services to satisfied people through the
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