Relationship Between Customers And Employees At Caje And Behavioral Patterns Customers Conduct When Reacting With One Another

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The focus of my study will be examining the relationships between customers and employees at CAJÉ and what behavioral patterns customers conduct when reacting with one another. I will be looking at the motivations behind customers to go to CAJÉ and the sense of trust that strangers share with one another while at the Café. I wanted to ask why students are more inclined to trust others to watch their belongings while they leave the CAJÉ? Additionally, what motivates people to go to CAJÉ?

In order to collect my data, I practiced participant-observation through going to CAJÉ and sitting at various tables each time. I took typed up observations on my computer which looked similar to studying, helping me immerse
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During my participant-observation I chose to ask a female student if I could sit across from her. She told me of course. A few minutes later she asked if I would watch her belongings which included her laptop and background, while she quickly used the restroom. Over the course of the hours I sat there I noticed that a few other students asked others to watch their stuff. When interviewing an student employee she told me that “I leave my stuff at a table and will leave for up to an hour and nothing bad has ever happened to any of my things”.
Students come to CAJÉ for various reasons. The majority of come to CAJÉ because they enjoy doing school work there, it’s a good meeting spot, friendly staff, to socialize, good coffee & green tea matcha. During one of my interviews, the interviewee stated that “I love to study at CAJÉ, but I can never really expect to get a significant amount of work done. I always get distracted by everyone I know there”. I observed the majority of the students in the café were on their laptops and what appeared to be studying. At closer observation I noticed many were procrastinating through texting or web surfing. Nearly all of the students had their earphones in while studying, regardless of the music that was being played from CAJÉ’s speakers. The other sounds that you could hear was the blender, the tapping of the portafilter (used for
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