Relationship Between Dating And Relationship Essay

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For a relationship to survive those involved have to make sacrifices and watch out for any threats to the relationship. Although there is more than just information on dating and relationship traps to ensure a successful relationship learning of the many traps to a relationship and making an effort to avoid them increases the chances of survival of a relationship.
Dating and Relationship Traps
1. Marketing Trap.
This happens when one the partner’s feels that they need to make themselves more appealing so as to attract or to be attractive enough to their desired mates. When one falls into this trap you are afraid that no one will accept you as you are and insecurity gets in the relationship. Insecurity can lead to doubts in a relationship, obsession and finally tear the relationship apart.
2. Packaging Trap.
This is when a spouse over emphasizes on the partners attributes, like body, job of the spouse, what kind of car they drive, looks wealth etc. And this obsession overshadows the true reality of a person. This trap can lead people into undesired relationships filled with quarrels and incompatibility issues.
3. Scarcity Trap.
Scarcity trap stems from the assumption that there is not enough possible partners so people get into relationships with whomever is available. This eventually leads to failure in relationships due to the temptation of settling for less than what one deserves.
4. Compatibility Trap.
The assumption that having fun and getting along
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