Relationship Between Drug And Alcohol

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The first thing that the course has helped to understand in relation to drug and alcohol is the different terms that are used when counseling a person. This is the general terms that are used when counseling a patient. For example, it is not good to use terms like “you are wrong,” “you do not know” or “you are foolish.” The course has helped to learn the new terms that I will be using like, “instead of saying you are wrong,” you can say, “that is another good reason.” Additionally, it has helped us to learn the tone of language that is to be used. When counseling a patient, one should always be calm and always be positive about what the patient is feeling and thinking.

It is also in this unit of general psychology that we have learned how very different people behave in the different ways. This is where the course has taught me why different people behave as they do and why they end up drinking. Stress is one factor that makes people end up becoming alcoholic or turning into drugs. Additionally, drug abuse and alcoholism have also been known to be hereditary from the recent research studies that have been done by the different scholars. It is through this course that we have learned the very many reasons as to why people behave in different ways and why they take drugs or alcohol.

I have learned the different forms of therapy that are used in counseling in this course. This is where the introduction to therapy is done. One way of helping a drug or an alcohol addict to stop…
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