Relationship Between Education And Society

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In this assignment I will be looking at what the sociological perspective contribute to the relationship of education and society. The term education means when an individual is learning and gaining knowledge and skills after studying a particular subject and helps an individual to understand something (Merriam-Webster, n.d). Society is when people are living together in a community and share and follow the same customs. There is a strong relationship between education and society as they both work together and cannot be separated. Education is an example of a small society that reflects the entire society. The education system prepares the child for the future by teaching the skills that can help a child to lead a useful life and can contribute to the society by getting a job (Ayodele, n.d). To study the relationship between education and society I will evaluate the five readings which are the New Labour, Old School Tie, functionalist and conflicts views on education, feminist approaches and perspectives on gender. John Yandell: ‘New Labour, Old School Tie’: What Is Education For? Yandell 's paper shows what happened when Blair took over the New Labour party and he explains whether Blair failed or succeeded in making changes in the education system. In this paper, it show 's Blair 's top priority was education. This is evidence because Blair had invested large amounts of money into education by investing it in ICT equipment and making ICT part of the education system

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