Relationship Between Empathy And Narcissism

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Where did we make a wrong turn in our society regarding ethics? If students think that ethics and codes don’t apply to them, what structure do they have to base any decisions they will make in the future? The attributes theme (specifically the focus on the person, self-absorption, and the role of narcissism and self-centeredness played in ethics violations) was the most influential aspect of this research, in my opinion. It expanded my knowledge base on the lack of ethical thinking that possibly exists in Generation Y, students born in the 80s and 90s. I have three Generation Y children and it does appear that they all struggle with ethical decision-making. It’s not because they were not exposed to sound moral character modeled around the house. Was the lack of parental involvement while growing up? I don’t think so. I’ve seen my own kids go off the deep end after conducting themselves unethically. They were brought up with loving and kind parents who provided more than they could ever ask for. Perhaps that is part of the issue….the kids today have too much and didn’t have to earn it? Is there no reason to have a growth mindset if you have everything you need? Is there a reason why one should set worthy and challenging goals to succeed in life when they have…show more content…
Tim Elmore in an article titled, The Inverse Relationship Between Empathy and Narcissism. “Narcissism is on the rise in kids today. One study found that one in four young people were classified as narcissistic, according to a widely accepted psychological test. That number has doubled in the last thirty years. Another study reported that since the 1980s, there’s been a 40% decline among young people in empathy, a personality attribute inversely related to narcissism. In nationwide reports, it takes teens longer to get ready in the morning than at any time since we’ve been studying this topic. They are distracted by the mirror and often blinded to the needs of others
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