Relationship Between Employee Engagement And Banking Sector

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Nature of Employee Engagement in Banking Sector

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Employee engagement has a huge impact on the motivation of the workforce. It impacts employees’ passion and attitude towards their day-to-day responsibilities. The banking sector employs a significant percentage of workforce. However, various engagement policies have been initiated in the banking sector. The first step has been recognizing the role of immediate supervisor as the key person in driving employee engagement. Banks are also building a value- based culture, talent management strategies, mentorship and training, internal communication and feedback mechanisms and transformative leadership. These strategies infuse a passionate workforce dedicated to the accomplishment of the organization goals. The level of engagement is the banking sector can be considered moderate but has gained momentum and is likely to improve over the years. The primarily limitations of employee engagement are that they do not necessarily guarantee increased productivity, the costs implication are high and employee engagement does not necessarily guarantee employee retention.

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