Relationship Between Employee Morale And Employee Productivity

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Abstract Employee productivity, aka workforce productivity, is the backbone of any enterprise. Like many others in other sectors, companies in the technology sector are facing the challenges of employee productivity and are initiating actions toward performance management. Similarly, several companies and researchers alike are identifying a link between employee morale and employee productivity. Therefore, a study investigating the relationship between morale and productivity is of significance. The proposed study intends to examine this relationship in one case company, Google Inc. The basic objective of the study is to investigate the relationship of employee morale and employee productivity and measure the impact of morale at Google, Inc. on the company’s productivity. The overarching objective is to provide research results for administration and management at companies in any sector, including the technology sector, in order to communicate current information about today’s employee productivity. How it is impacted by employee morale, and what top performance management at a leading technology company looks like as it meets the challenges of improving employee morale to improve employee productivity. To accomplish this, the proposed study will be comprised of case study methodology. After a review of the literature on theories positioning the relationship between employee morale and employee productivity and a review of the literature on empirical evidence for
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