Relationship Between Entrepreneurship And Entrepreneurship

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1. Introduction
Entrepreneurship is the activity of creating a new business or enterprise. It is an essential and significant action in the growing job market (Bednarzik, 2000). Entrepreneurship has become important to all the countries whether they developed or developing ones. It is a basis of economic growth and employment creation (Thurik, Carree, Van Stel, Audretsch, 2008). It involves opportunity recognition or creation, collecting resources to track the opportunity, and managing actions that bring a new venture into existence. Some ventures are complete start-ups, while other ventures are pursued within an existing organization (Enz and Harrison, 2010). Entrepreneurs accept the personal financial risks that drive with having their own business. On the other hand, entrepreneurs benefit directly from the
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However, this relationship has constituted a great dilemma to most of them. The researchers have reached two point of views concerning this relation. “One view, which has been called the unemployment push, or refugee effect, suggests that the decision to become an entrepreneur is a response to either being unemployed or else the perception of dismal future employment prospects. An alternative view suggests that entrepreneurship, by virtue of creating a new venture, contributes to the reduction of unemployment.” In the first view, the researchers suggest a positive relationship between entrepreneurship and unemployment. However, in the second view, the researchers suggest a negative relation. Moreover, in each of the two views, the causal link between entrepreneurship and employment are reversed. While the first view has high unemployment rates inducing more people to choose to become entrepreneurs, the second view suggests that the decision people make in becoming entrepreneurs will reduce unemployment at the macroeconomic level (Thurik et al.,
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