Relationship Between Facebook And Facebook

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Facebook, a well-known social networking site, has been known to interfere negatively in romantic relationships. Facebook has an option to list one’s relationship as: Single, Widowed, Divorced, Married, or In a Relationship. Posting a relationship status’ on Facebook may be considered a modern day causality, however, even when a relationship status is listed, there are still spouses or partners that will remain to seek others as a “one-night stand” or “lover” through Facebook. Relationships can be affected negatively by Facebook yet a remainder are still considered particularly healthy by having positive components extracted from the social networking site. Scholars publish articles and journals that state the negative effects on relationships due to Facebook yet, it is rare that the positive affects to create a healthy relationship are mentioned. Although these scholars have published such books, Facebook can be very beneficial to high school relationships, but adult relationships have been proven to be less influenced by Facebook and more affected by the individuals in the actual relationship. In today’s society, technology plays a big part in who we connect with as well as how and when we do. Facebook not only spreads the publication of one’s relationship, but can also display who with. Not only does this display cause friction in high school level relationships, but the display of being in a relationship and listing the significant other can also change the level of
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