Relationship Between Facts And Theories Essay

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To understand how there can be disagreement between experts in a discipline, when given access to the same facts, we first need to consider the relationship between facts and theories. Think about the statement: “Development in facts leads to development in theory, and vice versa.” We can connect this to the methods of inductive and deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning works from a general theory to a specific case. Inductive reasoning, however, uses an observation to infer a theory. With that in mind, how does personal experience relate to the formation of knowledge claims? Personal experience influences how we interpret information. It is important to make the distinction between personal and shared knowledge; the former being individual beliefs or experiences, the latter being common knowledge that people agree on. Collectively, these points lead me to believe that personal knowledge influences perspectives, therefore it is possible to for experts in a field to disagree. History is an Area of Knowledge where experts – historians – often form different perspectives. For certain historical events, the amount of evidence or primary sources can be overwhelming. While writing my Historical Investigation, I focused on Stalin’s impact on women’s rights. For every historian perspective I found, I found another counter-argument. This instance of experts disagreeing is due to the overabundance of information that requires historians to be specific in the sources they choose.
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