Relationship Between Faith, Morality, And The Faith Based Education Programs

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Studies in recent years have shown that, the faith-based education programs have provided deep opportunities to establish rehabilitation to the offenders.This study is an attempt against the gap in this field which is the defiency of such a programs over the Muslim inmates in the corrections center. With an organised staff, this study will bring datas through testing, observating, evaluating and collecting after its finished. Through these interviews and presentations with the inmates, we will be better able to analyze their absences and shape their further path on a better life. Community relationships has vital effect for developing and sustaining faith and morality. Our study will serve as an important mechanism for a complete positive conversion over the inmates. This study will examine the relationship between faith, morality, and the faith-based correctional education program contributing to moral development of Muslim inmates through Nursi’s approach. It will make an assumption that faith development is associated with moral education. As Nursi (1926) demonstrates, faith is the way to perceive the spirit of the education and the beauty of leanrning in itself. Nursi’s life indicates that, nobody can imprison one’s zealous spirit but only the physical body. With the well-nourished faith, people are become more wistful to the educaiton of morality as he addresses, ‘‘a person who is not ameliorate himself, can not ameliorate anybody, so I will start from myself,” (Nursi,

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