Relationship Between Family And Family Relationships

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As usual, people have three relationships during whole their lives: romantic, friendship, and family. While family is one of the longest lasting relationship over all. There is identified as the strongest relationship and the most effect to personal characters. Unlike other relationship, family affection is cultivated during a long time by sticking together and blood related. Even the family relationship is not dreamy and romantic as loving relationship, not funny and comfortable such as friendship. But that is the most reliable people can believe in. In my opinion, all relationships in society are a test but family. After a while, not easy to understand because of my young, I have realized that all parents love their children…show more content…
Therefore, I took my focus into Interior Design which one I love the most. With unlimited passion, I always try to do my best because I really really want to study that major. One day, when I request my parent’s permission and tuition fee to apply to art school, without thinking, they said “NO” like they never supported me before. After a fierce quarrel between me and my parent, they decided to incinerate my sketching and drawing book to warning me. It has not stopped there, they threw out all of my art supplies and oblige me become a pharmacist. All progress were suddenly happened and I was wondering what was going on. Next that day, my parents purchased too many chemical and biological books for me. At that time, they would say that if I still want to study interior design, or they would not support me by providing money per month. Studying interior design in Vietnam is not easy to self-cover all costs because the art supplies are too expensive throughout the learning process. There was the worst time that I never want to memorize. I was indignant about my parent. I cried a lot, confine myself in the bedroom, and hopefully my parents will change their minds but not. I felt extremely disappointed because they did not keep their promise, and why they did not talk to me earlier. The atmosphere between the members of the family is very scary. To conclude, I think that we need an conversation to speak out of our minds. My parents always behave in
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